STS085-707-055 Cascade Range, Washington August, 1997
The volcanic peaks of Mount Rainier (just right of the center of the image), Mount St. Helens (just to the top of the center of the image), and Mount Adams (near the left center of the image) in the Cascade Range of central and southern Washington, can be seen in this south-southwest-looking view. The Cascade Range, a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, extends 700 miles (1125 km) from British Columbia, Canada southward into northern California. The Cascade Range was formed by colliding tectonic plates (North America and Juan de Fuca) and volcanic activity, and these forces continue to make the Cascades rise. Mount Rainier at 14410 feet (4395 meters) is the highest point in the range. Forests cover extensive areas of the Cascade Range. The small city of Hood River, Oregon and the Columbia River Gorge are can be seen at the left center of the image. The city of Portland, Oregon (barely discernible) and the Willamette River Valley are visible near the top left and top center of the image.

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