STS078-735-033 Lake Titicaca, Bolivia and Peru June 1996
The dark water at the southeast end of Lake Titicaca contrasts dramatically with the rugged semi-desert in this detailed view of the area. The sparsely vegetated semiarid landscape helps to accentuate the topographic features that are found along the south shore of the lake. At least three eroded volcanic structures are visible; the largest one can be easily identified by the radial drainage pattern (western quadrant of the image). Maximum elevation of this volcano is 15718 feet (4790 meters) above sea level. The Strait of Tiguina connects the smaller southeast end of Lake Titicaca with the main part of the lake. Although the town of Copacabana, located along the northwest coast of the T-shaped peninsula, is not identifiable on this image, it is a site where Inca ruins can be visited.

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