STS064-046-026 Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. September 1994
The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are the focal point of this southeast-looking, low-oblique photograph. The more populated of the two cities, Minneapolis is located at the head of navigation on the Mississippi River near St. Anthony Falls. A major industrial and rail hub, the city is a processing, distribution, and trade center for a vast grain and cattle region. Industries and products include computers and electronic equipment, precision instruments, graphic art products, machinery, fabricated metals, textiles, linseed oil, electrical equipment, flour milling, garments, and publishing and printing. St. Paul, located 10 miles (16 kilometers) east of Minneapolis, is the capital of Minnesota. The capitol, modeled after St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome, Italy, has the largest unsupported marble dome in the world. Located on bluffs north of the Mississippi River, St. Paul is a major railroad hub and industrial, commercial, and cultural center. Among the cities' employers, besides State government, are companies engaged in computers, electronic products, automobiles, oil refineries, machinery, chemicals, paper, abrasives, food products, beer, construction equipment, furniture, and steel and iron goods. Many lakes, public beaches, sport fishing areas, and ski sites located near the Twin Cities provide excellent recreational facilities and support a good tourist business. Near the center of the photograph and south of Minneapolis, the runways of the Charles Lindbergh International Airport can be seen. The suburban city of Bloomington, south of Minneapolis, is the site of the Mall of America, the largest indoor shopping center in the world.
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