SL4-142-4592 North Island, New Zealand 1973
Smaller but more populous North Island is separated from South Island (southwest part of photograph) by Cook Strait in this high-oblique, south-looking photograph. North Island consists of hilly, forested land with several disconnected ranges separated by small plains and basins. Occupying an unstable section of the Earth's crust along the "Pacific Rim of Fire" where mountain building and other crustal disturbances occur, North Island has a line of active volcanoes and a multitude of geysers, hot springs, fumaroles, and geothermal steam vents across the central and western island. The northern portion of the island, where the major city of Auckland is located, is characterized by a more gentle terrain with alternating plains and coastal beaches. The island has an abundance of excellent harbors. North Island contains most of New Zealand's dairy and wine industries, along with oil, iron, and coal processing. The island, home of New Zealand's world-famous kiwi bird, has no land snakes of any kind.
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