NM23-722-000B Lakes Pueyrredon and Ghio, Argentina Winter/Spring 1997
The Argentina/Chile border crosses a glacier fed lake on the eastern edge of the southern Andes. It is named Cochrane on the Chilean side and Pueyrredon on the Argentina side. The border is a peninsula the juts out into the lake on the North side. The border to the North of the lake follows the ridgeline of the last major expression of the eastern Andes.
A narrow land bridge separates the southern end of Lake Pueyrredon from the smaller, shallower Lake Posadas. Lake Ghio is the lake that is centered in the photograph. Asador Lake is in the upper-right part of the photograph. All of the lakes are closed basins, which means they have no outlets. Near the bottom right of the image is the glacier-covered San Lorenzo Peak. San Lorenzo is a 12200 foot (3711 meter) high volcano that has a small stream originating on its north flank that flows generally northeastward into Lake Pueyrredon. The vast semi-arid Patagonia Plateau covers most of the upper half of the image. The Ecker River and the Blanco River cut canyons across the plateau.

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