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19 August 2014 geodude55 Feedback
geo-positioning the pictures can become easier: let us mark 2 far apart points on the picture, and their corresponding points on the map. Render the picture joining the corresponding points.
Extra enhancement: adjust the projection of the map according to the point of view of the spacecraft. Google Earth can do that.
18 August 2014 geoDude55 Feedback
Please add to the photograph info the direction of the sun in degrees relative to north and zenith (degrees N/S and E/W relative to zenith is also possible). I just saw clear shadows on a "difficult" to spot picture of mountains. With the direction of the sun, I can rotate the picture to fit the shadows with the direction of the sun.I guess you NASA girls and guys don't have to be told, that the sundirection can be calculated from the date and time the photograph was taken and the spacecraft suborbital point.

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