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24 October 2014 azmikemm Feedback
I've been a volunteer working on the project, and have personally identified and geo-referenced over 400 of the NASA images thus far, and I know from their database that there are between 1,000 and 2,000 NASA images that are potentially geo-located. I have two questions:

1. Does the staff at NASA working on the NASA Image Gateway project and the Image Detective planning on pulling and incorporating the information that CitiesAtNight has vetted and will be vetting as the work progresses?
It would seem an invaluable resource that would greatly amplify the Image Detective work.

2. If the NASA staff had not planned to gather and incorporate those identifications from CitiesAtNight, then rather than just having the small limited pool of pick-a-photo the current Image Detective offers, can an Image Detective "bug" be added to every NASA Image Gateway page, such that an Image Detective can click that bug/web link, and have that image loaded into the Image Detective application?
It would be just a small extra step on my and other volunteers part to call up and post the identification into the Image Detective app in addition to doing it in the CitiesAtNight app. It seems so unnecessarily limited to only offer 96 images to choose from at a time in the Image Detective app, given the 100,000s of images available. I personally geolocate between 10 and 20 NASA images per day just in my spare time on CitiesAtNight.

A growing quantity of accurate identifications are being made for the NASA images, and it seems a tremendous loss for NASA to not tap what has already been identified. I personally do not care about points and top-scores and the like; I just want the identifications already made and continually being made to be as widely available as possible in NASA's own database.

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