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25 August 2014 Stargazer Feedback
Suggestion. Since the objective is to catalog the million+ photos it would make sense to completely separate the locating of the image and the annotating of the features visible. I like finding the locations of each image but don't feel qualified to be annotating the geological features that are present. Perhaps two different steps (zones) can be offered for earning points. Let some people find the locations, center points, zoom, rotate, etc. while others could simply be asked to annotate the features of the pictures given the locations. I think there are many people who might offer their time annotating who are not as good at searching. (Find once, annotate many.) Once a location is found it should be grayed for everyone. No sense wasting time having everyone find the same location. All detectives would be encouraged to annotate features. I believe today if a person enters features observed without a good location it may be confusing to the validation team. Only add features to "found" locations. Separate "Pick Lists", one for those needing locating, and a different "Pick List" for annotating. (Just some thoughts.) (Having fun finding these images.)

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