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24 August 2014 CMDRSHEPARD Feedback
I don't know if it would be difficult to implement, but it would make things more efficient if there were some optional button to press after submitting an image that would:

1) keep the Google map zoomed in to its current location
2) pull up the next available image.

Bonus points if it would also rotate and zoom the next image to the same degree as the previous (submitted) one.

Astronauts seem to like to snap several images of the same thing in quick succession and it would save a lot of clicking. Currently after submitting an image I choose pick image-> click to the page containing the image I want (say it's page 5) -> click the image -> hide the image -> zoom the map and scroll to the correct location -> show the image -> click the rotate button several times -> resize the image -> choose cloud cover -> type features -> click submit. That's probably 20+ clicks for an image that is nearly identical to the last one.

This would also make my results more standardized. For example, we currently have about 12 images of Greece that are nearly the same. Because they were taken at an angle, they were pretty foreshortened. I had difficulty knowing how much to zoom and rotate because of distortion so the amount of each I did was probably wildly variable between images.

Barring a magic "do what I just did on the next image" button, it would make things easier to be able to type in the amount of rotation we want. If I know I rotated the last image 117 degrees it would save me a few clicks to just enter that number for the next image. Otherwise I need to click +45 +45 +45 (change to 5s) -5 -5 -5 (change to 1s) -1 -1 -1.

A way to enter which of the 5 pages of images we want would also be appreciated. Or have the pick image screen popup to the last page we chose from instead of automatically returning to the first page. Or have the pick image page arrows wrap around so we can get to page 5 from page 1 by clicking the left arrow instead of clicking right arrow 4x.

It's not a huge deal if these things can't be implemented (it's not like we're on production pay or anything), but when faced with 10 or more nearly identical images, it's a little discouraging knowing you'll have to start at zero for each one (200+ clicks). I think people who don't have much time to spare or who are more casual would be put off from starting a bunch of pictures of the same thing or would start them but get bored and quit in the middle.

Thanks for reading.
21 August 2014 CMDRSHEPARD Feedback
I found my way here a few days ago from the CNN article and am really enjoying seeing all of the amazing photos. Can you tell me how often the available images are changed? Is it done for each detective or are they generally available for a set period or until a certain number of people have identified them? The first couple of days it seemed like they turned over daily, but now I feel I'm seeing many I've already completed. I'm not sure if they're still available to me because I didn't do them properly the first time and I should do them again or if I should wait for new ones to appear.

Thanks for making an easy to use interface. The tutorial was a good length (not too long) and straightforward. For some reason I was expecting narration but it's not necessary. A downloadable PDF might be used by some.

You might want to add a tip sheet on how to approach foreshortened images. I find it hard to decide how much to zoom.

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