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11 February 2013    NASA        
This topic is for feedback you'd like to give us.
20 August 2014    klipsch49er        
I believe having the ability to see your own score is important. Frankly, I have submitted several items and have not been able to find myself on the score chart. How do I know my submissions are counting for something?
20 August 2014    NASA        
geoDude55: Another good suggestion, but one that might require a little more work and take some time to implement. We will certainly look into it as an alternative, as it does sound very user-friendly.
20 August 2014    NASA        
doylesangel: That is a great suggestion. We will do what we can to incorporate user points onto the main Image Detective cataloging screen.
20 August 2014    NASA        
geoDude55: Thank you for your feedback! We have added the sun azimuth angle to Image Detective for user convenience. This angle is the clockwise angle in degrees from north to the sun, and as geoDude55 mentioned, this should aid in rotating the astronaut image when locating the center point.

Good luck!
19 August 2014    geodude55        
geo-positioning the pictures can become easier: let us mark 2 far apart points on the picture, and their corresponding points on the map. Render the picture joining the corresponding points.
Extra enhancement: adjust the projection of the map according to the point of view of the spacecraft. Google Earth can do that.
18 August 2014    doylesangel        
One suggestion I would have, is to have your "points" visible on what you've earned up to this point. Unless I'm missing it, the only place I can see that you'd find it, is by searching thru a long list of other "detectives" to see where you might be in the list. Just would be nice to see it on the actual Image Detective Screen while you're searching for the next image. :)
18 August 2014    geoDude55        
Please add to the photograph info the direction of the sun in degrees relative to north and zenith (degrees N/S and E/W relative to zenith is also possible). I just saw clear shadows on a "difficult" to spot picture of mountains. With the direction of the sun, I can rotate the picture to fit the shadows with the direction of the sun.I guess you NASA girls and guys don't have to be told, that the sundirection can be calculated from the date and time the photograph was taken and the spacecraft suborbital point.
25 March 2014    NASA        
Is the training video too long to any one? Would include a text version of the steps which can be printed be helpful?
23 July 2013    NASA        
I think it would be interesting to pick or submit a request for our own selected images that we want to locate from the uncatalogued images on the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth website. Does anyone else think they would like to be able to pick some images for themselves to locate?

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