NM21-766-065 Hudson River, New York City, New York Summer 1996
The Mir 21 film includes some of the best views ever taken by astronauts of the world's great cities. A crystal clear day over New York City provided Shannon Lucid an opportunity to view millions of people enjoying their Fourth of July weekend.

The Hudson River and the New York City Metropolitan region can be seen in this west-looking view. Manhattan Island and the famous Central Park (long, dark rectangle) are visible near the center of the image. West of the Hudson River, which traverses the scene from near the right center (north) to emptying into Upper and Lower bays at the left center (south), lie the cities of Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey. The boroughs of Brooklyn (left center) and Queens (east of Manhattan Island below the center of the image) are discernible. The borough of the Bronx is visible to the right of center (north of Central Park) on the image. New York City is the largest city in the United States and one of the five largest cities in the world. The metropolitan area has the largest port facilities in the United States and is one of the leading ports in the world. New York City is the principal center of the United States television and radio broadcasting, book publishing, and other mass communications systems including many Computer Internet Systems. The city is the seat of the United Nations and is the cultural capital of the United States. The runways of John F. Kennedy International Airport are discernible near the bottom center of the image northeast of Jamaica Bay. The runways of Floyd Bennett Field, a former Naval Reserve Air base are visible to the southwest of Jamaica Bay.

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