User's Notes for the Clickable Map

This map allows you to access all records in the database that have entries for latitude and longitude by 2.5 blocks. The latitude and longitude values used represent the approximate center point of the photo. Some records do not have entries for these fields and will not be located using this search tool.

Because astronauts can see a great distance from such a high altitude, you may need to search several adjacent 2.5 blocks in order to view all the photographs available that cover a specific area.

Once you have a list of photographs, click on the "FRAME" link to get the full information available for that record in the database.

If available for a given photograph, a low-resolution "browse" image and list of available electronic images will be displayed. The browse image is designed to help you assess the area photographed and cloud cover. This browse image was produced in batch mode and does not represent an optimized digitization of a particular photo. Thus, it can give only an approximate indication of image quality in terms of focus, exposure, or color. Color-infrared photographs in particular are poorly represented by this batch processing.