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View STS095-711-71.JPG 45811508510 Earth From Space phase 2
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Mission: STS095 Roll: 711 Frame: 71 Mission ID on the Film or image: STS95
Country or Geographic Name: HONDURAS
Center Point: Latitude: 16.0 Longitude: -86.0 (Negative numbers indicate south for latitude and west for longitude)

Stereo: Yes (Yes indicates there is an adjacent picture of the same area)
ONC Map ID: J-26 JNC Map ID: 47


Camera Tilt: 13
Camera Focal Length: 250mm
Camera: HB: Hasselblad
Film: 5069 : Kodak Elite 100S, E6 Reversal, Replaces Lumiere, Warmer in tone vs. Lumiere.


Film Exposure: Normal
Percentage of Cloud Cover: 20 (11-25)


GMT Date: 19981102 (YYYYMMDD) GMT Time: 135634 (HHMMSS)
Nadir Point Latitude: 16.2, Longitude: -84.9 (Negative numbers indicate south for latitude and west for longitude)

Nadir to Photo Center Direction: West
Sun Azimuth: 119 (Clockwise angle in degrees from north to the sun measured at the nadir point)
Spacecraft Altitude: 295 nautical miles (546 km)
Sun Elevation Angle: 30 (Angle in degrees between the horizon and the sun, measured at the nadir point)
Orbit Number: 58


Flooding from Hurricane Mitch, Honduras. This shot shows the inundated floodplain of the Rio Aguan on the northern coast of Honduras. The city of Trujillo is along the coast under the "hook" of Punta Caxinas, and the city of Tocoa is at the edge of the floodplain near where it begins to broaden where a small but visible tributary comes into the south of the main course of the river. In a report dated Friday, November 6, 1998, a missionary living in the city of Trujillo reported (via email before her batteries ran out) that the military was confiscating food aid that had been delivered, and it has been difficult to confirm her story or get additional information about this problem. On November 9, the road between Trujillo and Tocoa was reopened, allowing ground transport of medical supplies. Tocoa is one of seven regional centers that were the focus of deliveries of medicines, medical supplies and equipment, emergency shelters, and water and sanitation supplies by Doctors without Borders. Honduras-wide, CARE estimated that half the country was under water, and death tolls from the Hurricane exceeded 5,000.

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