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The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

(NASA Crew Earth Observations)

"We catch a glimpse of a huge swirl of clouds out the window over the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or the boot of Italy jutting down into the Mediterranean, or the brilliant blue coral reefs of the Caribbean strutting their beauty before the stars. And...we experienced those uniquely human qualities: awe, curiosity, wonder, joy, amazement." (Russell L. Schweickart, Apollo Astronaut ("The Home Planet")

Photographing the Earth from the International Space Station

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ISS037 E 20989 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
ISS037 E 20990 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
ISS037 E 20991 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
ISS037 E 20992 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
ISS037 E 20993 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
ISS037 E 20994 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
ISS037 E 20995 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
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Recent database changes
  • October 21, 2014: Added images for 299 photos: ISS041-E-77742 through ISS041-E-77747 total 6, ISS041-E-77761 through ISS041-E-77768 total 8, ISS041-E-77796 through ISS041-E-77830 total 35, ISS041-E-77968 through ISS041-E-78019 total 52, ISS041-E-78092 through ISS041-E-78110 total 19, ISS041-E-78180 through ISS041-E-78265 total 86, ISS041-E-78301 through ISS041-E-78393 total 93.
  • October 16, 2014: Added images for 360 photos: ISS041-E-73844 through ISS041-E-73848 total 5, ISS041-E-73850 through ISS041-E-73869 total 20, ISS041-E-73873 through ISS041-E-73918 total 46, ISS041-E-73948 through ISS041-E-74236 total 289.
  • October 15, 2014: Added images for 4253 photos: ISS041-E-69290 through ISS041-E-71268 total 1979, ISS041-E-71272 through ISS041-E-71306 total 35, ISS041-E-71598 through ISS041-E-71624 total 27, ISS041-E-71627 through ISS041-E-71787 total 161, ISS041-E-71789 through ISS041-E-73839 total 2051.
  • October 14, 2014: Added images for 242 photos: ISS041-E-68691 through ISS041-E-68698 total 8, ISS041-E-68794 through ISS041-E-68836 total 43, ISS041-E-69061 through ISS041-E-69171 total 111, STS51D-31-6 through STS51D-31-8 total 3, STS51D-31-13 through STS51D-31-26 total 14, STS51D-31-37 through STS51D-31-99 total 63.
  • October 9, 2014: Added images for 2137 photos: ISS041-E-66908 through ISS041-E-66922 total 15, ISS041-E-67139 through ISS041-E-68405 total 1267, STS51C-32-2 through STS51C-32-4 total 3, STS51C-32-6 through STS51C-32-9 total 4, STS51C-32-10 through STS51C-32-32 total 23, STS51C-32-36 through STS51C-32-93 total 58, STS51C-33-5 through STS51C-33-9 total 5, STS51C-33-10 through STS51C-33-30 total 21, STS51C-33-37 through STS51C-33-39 total 3, STS51C-33-43 through STS51C-33-51 total 9, STS51C-33-56 through STS51C-33-72 total 17, STS51C-33-82 through STS51C-33-99 total 18, STS51C-33-100 through STS51C-33-104 total 5, STS51C-34-2 through STS51C-34-9 total 8, STS51C-34-10 through STS51C-34-23 total 14, STS51C-34-29 through STS51C-34-42 total 14, STS51C-34-44 through STS51C-34-60 total 17, STS51C-34-62 through STS51C-34-66 total 5, STS51C-34-72 through STS51C-34-83 total 12, STS51C-34-91 through STS51C-34-92 total 2, STS51C-35-7 through STS51C-35-9 total 3, STS51C-35-10 through STS51C-35-12 total 3, STS51C-35-14 through STS51C-35-42 total 29, STS51C-35-47 through STS51C-35-79 total 33, STS51C-35-86 through STS51C-35-88 total 3, STS51C-35-101 through STS51C-35-105 total 5, STS51C-36-2 through STS51C-36-9 total 8, STS51C-36-10 through STS51C-36-39 total 30, STS51C-36-42 through STS51C-36-99 total 58, STS51C-36-100 through STS51C-36-103 total 4, STS51C-37-7 through STS51C-37-9 total 3, STS51C-37-10 through STS51C-37-13 total 4, STS51C-37-15 through STS51C-37-22 total 8, STS51C-37-25 through STS51C-37-62 total 38, STS51C-38-2 through STS51C-38-3 total 2, STS51C-38-6 through STS51C-38-9 total 4, STS51C-38-10 through STS51C-38-25 total 16, STS51C-38-27 through STS51C-38-46 total 20, STS51C-39-3 through STS51C-39-3 total 1, STS51C-39-8 through STS51C-39-9 total 2, STS51C-39-13 through STS51C-39-33 total 21, STS51C-39-38 through STS51C-39-71 total 34, STS51C-39-74 through STS51C-39-75 total 2, STS51C-39-79 through STS51C-39-79 total 1, STS51C-39-84 through STS51C-39-97 total 14, STS51C-42-2 through STS51C-42-9 total 8, STS51C-42-10 through STS51C-42-29 total 20, STS51C-42-34 through STS51C-42-43 total 10, STS51C-42-46 through STS51C-42-50 total 5, STS51C-42-53 through STS51C-42-71 total 19, STS51C-42-73 through STS51C-42-79 total 7, STS51C-42-81 through STS51C-42-99 total 19, STS51C-42-100 through STS51C-42-106 total 7, STS51C-43-5 through STS51C-43-9 total 5, STS51C-43-12 through STS51C-43-17 total 6, STS51C-43-20 through STS51C-43-31 total 12, STS51C-43-35 through STS51C-43-36 total 2, STS51C-43-39 through STS51C-43-44 total 6, STS51C-43-46 through STS51C-43-92 total 47, STS51C-44-2 through STS51C-44-6 total 5, STS51C-44-9 through STS51C-44-9 total 1, STS51C-44-10 through STS51C-44-53 total 44, STS51C-44-55 through STS51C-44-95 total 41, STS51C-44-98 through STS51C-44-99 total 2, STS51C-44-100 through STS51C-44-104 total 5.
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