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The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

(NASA Crew Earth Observations)

"We catch a glimpse of a huge swirl of clouds out the window over the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or the boot of Italy jutting down into the Mediterranean, or the brilliant blue coral reefs of the Caribbean strutting their beauty before the stars. And...we experienced those uniquely human qualities: awe, curiosity, wonder, joy, amazement." (Russell L. Schweickart, Apollo Astronaut ("The Home Planet")

Photographing the Earth from the International Space Station

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ISS037 E 20989 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
ISS037 E 20990 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
ISS037 E 20991 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
ISS037 E 20992 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
ISS037 E 20993 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
ISS037 E 20994 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
ISS037 E 20995 AUSTRALIA-NSW NEWCASTLE AT NIGHT, FIRES, ISS -33.0 152.0 20131025 N
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  • August 26, 2014: Added images for 1111 photos: ISS040-E-104601 through ISS040-E-104604 total 4, ISS040-E-104676 through ISS040-E-105103 total 428, ISS040-E-105367 through ISS040-E-105396 total 30, ISS040-E-105414 through ISS040-E-105549 total 136, ISS040-E-105566 through ISS040-E-105596 total 31, ISS040-E-105603 through ISS040-E-105639 total 37, ISS040-E-105645 through ISS040-E-105665 total 21, ISS040-E-105667 through ISS040-E-105978 total 312, ISS040-E-106011 through ISS040-E-106098 total 88, ISS040-E-106225 through ISS040-E-106248 total 24.
  • August 25, 2014: Added images for 335 photos: ISS040-E-104071 through ISS040-E-104121 total 51, ISS040-E-104134 through ISS040-E-104204 total 71, ISS040-E-104214 through ISS040-E-104219 total 6, ISS040-E-104222 through ISS040-E-104428 total 207.
  • August 22, 2014: Added images for 22 photos: ISS040-E-103958 through ISS040-E-103979.
  • August 21, 2014: Added images for 2282 photos: STS51A-38-2 through STS51A-38-9 total 8, STS51A-38-10 through STS51A-38-62 total 53, STS51A-38-70 through STS51A-38-89 total 20, STS51A-38-91 through STS51A-38-99 total 9, STS51A-38-100 through STS51A-38-111 total 12, STS51A-39-3 through STS51A-39-3 total 1, STS51A-39-5 through STS51A-39-9 total 5, STS51A-39-11 through STS51A-39-12 total 2, STS51A-39-22 through STS51A-39-29 total 8, STS51A-39-32 through STS51A-39-43 total 12, STS51A-39-60 through STS51A-39-61 total 2, STS51A-39-68 through STS51A-39-99 total 32, STS51A-39-100 through STS51A-39-107 total 8, STS51A-40-2 through STS51A-40-9 total 8, STS51A-40-10 through STS51A-40-28 total 19, STS51A-40-30 through STS51A-40-33 total 4, STS51A-40-37 through STS51A-40-43 total 7, STS51A-40-52 through STS51A-40-55 total 4, STS51A-40-82 through STS51A-40-82 total 1, STS51A-40-95 through STS51A-40-99 total 5, STS51A-40-100 through STS51A-40-109 total 10, STS51A-40-111 through STS51A-40-112 total 2, STS51A-40-115 through STS51A-40-119 total 5, ISS040-E-100059 through ISS040-E-100091 total 33, ISS040-E-100093 through ISS040-E-100118 total 26, ISS040-E-101601 through ISS040-E-102235 total 635, ISS040-E-102257 through ISS040-E-102380 total 124, ISS040-E-102453 through ISS040-E-102460 total 8, ISS040-E-102511 through ISS040-E-102655 total 145, ISS040-E-102664 through ISS040-E-103303 total 640, ISS040-E-103385 through ISS040-E-103502 total 118, ISS040-E-103564 through ISS040-E-103869 total 306, ISS040-E-103877 through ISS040-E-103886 total 10.
  • August 20, 2014: Added images for 1047 photos: ISS040-E-95814 through ISS040-E-96104 total 291, ISS040-E-96733 through ISS040-E-96802 total 70, ISS040-E-97833 through ISS040-E-97882 total 50, ISS040-E-97889 through ISS040-E-97922 total 34, ISS040-E-97926 through ISS040-E-97928 total 3, ISS040-E-97932 through ISS040-E-97943 total 12, ISS040-E-97947 through ISS040-E-97953 total 7, ISS040-E-97986 through ISS040-E-98007 total 22, ISS040-E-98010 through ISS040-E-98058 total 49, ISS040-E-98065 through ISS040-E-98106 total 42, ISS040-E-98108 through ISS040-E-98214 total 107, ISS040-E-98679 through ISS040-E-98799 total 121, ISS040-E-98801 through ISS040-E-98895 total 95, ISS040-E-98929 through ISS040-E-99072 total 144.
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