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The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

(NASA Crew Earth Observations)

Photographing the Earth from the International Space Station


Maps of: North Glacier Field-Labeled   South Glacier Field-Labeled

Northern Patagonian Glacier Arenales Benito Colonia Exploradores
Fiero Fraenkel Gualas HPN1 HPN2
HPN3 HPN4 Lake Arco Leones Nef
Pared Norte Pared Sur Reicher San Quintin San Rafael
Soler Steffen Strindberg

Southern Patagonian Glacier Agassiz Amalia Ameghino Asia (Brujo)
Balmaceda Bernardo Bravo (Rivera) Calvo Chico
Dickson Europa Frias Greve Grey
Guilardi HPS9 HPS10 HPS12 HPS13
HPS34 Jorge Montt Lucia Mayo Mellizo sur
O'Higgins Occidental Ofhidro (Ofiedro) Olividado Onelli
Oriental Pascua Penguin Perito Moreno Pingo
PioXI(Bruggen) Spegazzini Tempano Tyndall Upsala

Collection compiled by Douglas Coppock and Andrew Ryan, USRA Interns for Susan Runco, NASA Johnson Space Center.

Additional Astronaut images of glaciers can be found by searches on this website. For other views of the Earthís Cryosphere also see the National Snow and Ice Data Centerís Website at:, a NASA sponsored site.