Remote Sensing of Coral Reefs at NASA: Overview of Integrated Collaborations, Projects, and Products
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Julie A. Robinson, Alan Spraggins, Earth Observations Laboratory, Johnson Space Center

Serge Andréfouët, Frank Muller-Karger, Chuanmin Hu, Christine Kranenburg, Damaris Torres, Brock Murch, Millennium Global Coral Reef Mapping Project (, Institute for Marine Remote Sensing, University of South Florida

Gene Feldman, Norman Kuring, and Bryan Franz, SeaWiFS Project, Goddard Space Flight Center

Richard P. Stumpf, Steve Rohmann, and Kris Holderied, NOAA National Ocean Service, Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment, Remote Sensing Team.

Jennifer Gebelein, Department of International Relations ( Florida International University

Marco Noordeloos and Jamie Oliver, ReefBase (, World Fish Center

Edmund P. Green, Corinna Ravilious, and Michelle Taylor, UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre (

Lauretta Burke and Jon Maidens, Reefs at Risk Project (, World Resources Institute