Nebraska: Through the Eyes of Astronauts

Bradley Rundquist

Space Shuttle Photographs Captions
4. STS059-L20-092 This detailed view of the western portion of the Sand Hills, which is bordered by the North Platte River and Lake McConaughy to the south and the Niobrara River to the north, highlights the many groundwater-fed lakes found between Sand Hills dunes. The Pine Ridge is visible as the long, darker colored stretch of land north of the Niobrara. Visible as small gray patches on the landscape are Scottsbluff and Alliance. A band of snow blankets a portion of the Sand Hills. (April 12, 1994)
5. STS062-081-016 Space Shuttle missions have been called the "Ultimate Field Trip" by some astronauts. During these "field trips," astronauts are moved to photograph what is beautiful to them. This photo is one of the hundreds of "artistic" photos astronauts take each mission. Captured here is a huge stretch of the Platte River, from Lake McConaughy to the "big bend" of the Platte, blanketed in snow, to near Omaha. (March 4, 1994)
6. STS066-124-044 Omaha is often photographed by Space Shuttle astronauts, because they tend to photograph landscape contrasts. This is one of the best photos of Nebraska's most populous city. Clearly visible are Eppley Airfield near Carter Lake in northeast Omaha and Offutt Air Force Base south of the city. Lighter-toned areas of high-density urban and industrial development stand out from the darker gray residential areas. The transportation network is also easily traced, especially Interstate 80 trending east-west and U.S. 34 running north-south through Omaha. Plattsmouth is visible at the confluence of the Platte and Missouri Rivers. (Nov. 10, 1994)

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