Astronaut Photography from ISS: Unique Observations of the Earth
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Great Pyramids, Giza, Egypt:

As an example of the high resolution imagery achieved from the ISS, this view show the Great pyramids of Egypt at approximately 6 m resolution. Although the pyramids have been imaged many times by astronauts, the specific combination of look angle, illumination from the sun, and weather conditions created a unique image. The sides of the pyramids face the cardinal directions, and the afternoon sun casts arrow-like shadows that point due East.

The composition of the full photograph—including human developments that are thousands of years old adjacent to extensive new developments—piques the interest of the general public. These types of images are used extensively by educators and students in science, history, geography, political science, and math classes.

ISS007-E-12915, 18 August 2003, 800 mm lens
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