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Figure 6.9
Numerous tendrils of polluted air (foreground) move southeast (from the lower right), from the western Ukraine toward Romania, maintaining their coherence for tens of kilometers on October 19, 1997 (13:02:42 GMT). Anthropogenic haze (H) also occupies the lower Danube basin in southern Romania, a topographic basin in which the Ukrainian haze appears to be accumulating. The Carpathian Mountains (C-C) appear with greater clarity above the inversion layer (below which lies the polluted air). The sun is reflected off rivers, revealing details of the Dniester River meanders (D-D) which represents a distance of ~280 km. The distance from the Dniester the Danube River at the arrows is ~600 km (arrows indicate the bend of the river at the Iron Gate on the Yugoslav border). (NASA photograph NASA6-703-50, center point 48.5N 25.5E, craft nadir 51.2N 34.7E, Hasselblad camera, 100 mm lens, altitude 383 km.