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Figure 6.8
Industrial haze flowing from the Po River Valley over the Adriatic Sea. Two panoramic views to the south-southwest, taken on successive days, show the Adriatic Sea (center left) and all of the peninsula of Italy (about 1000 km long), looking south from a point over the Alps whose rugged mountainous landscape appears in the foreground of view (A). The north end of the Adriatic Sea is partly obscured by industrial haze from the Po River valley (A, center and center right; B, foreground). The polluted air contrasts with the clearer air over the Adriatic further south (middle ground)-and also contrasts with patches of cloud and snow on the Alps, both of which are brilliant white and well delineated. Arrows in view (A) indicate the north-south line separating denser from less dense industrial aerosols on October 25, 1997 (11:58:07 GMT); the next day (October 26, 1997, 10:59:51 GMT) this line had swung around to an east-west position (arrows, B) as the haze drifted slowly south down the channel of the Adriatic Sea. [NASA photographs, Hasselblad camera, 100 mm lens, altitude 383 km: (A) NASA6-704-83, center point 43.5N 13E, craft nadir 50.6N 10.6E; (B) NASA6-707-65, center point 42.5N 15E, craft nadir 48.9N 10.7E.)