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Figure 6.3
This Space Shuttle photograph shows a major haze event in the eastern United States on April 26, 1990 (14:49:03 GMT). The view looks obliquely north along the east coast from a point above the Caribbean Sea. A mass of aerosol haze stretches across the top of the entire view. This mass was transported west to east (left to right in this view) around the north limb of the high pressure cell. It moved offshore for at least 1500 km, beyond the Atlantic islands of Bermuda (B). The leading edge of the haze mass can be detected (right center) north of the Bahamas (islands surrounded by light-blue seabed, bottom right), indicating that aerosols from the industrial Northeast were transported around the high, with a final trajectory leading directly toward the large population centers of Florida. (NASA photograph STS031-151-155, center point 26N 80W, craft nadir 20.9N 83.4W, Linhof camera, 90 mm lens, altitude 617 km.)