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Figure 6.16
A brown set of dust plumes over Tibet on February 12, 1997 (11:06:11 GMT), start near the Paikü Co lake (dark blue, center), where winds are mobilizing ancient lake-bottom sediments. Whiter dust plumes appear top right. The alignment of the mountain ranges controls the trajectories of the plumes. This west-looking panorama shows 700 km of snowcapped peaks of the Himalaya Mountains (down the left side of the view) and the high, cold desert plateau of Tibet in the rest of the view. The upper Brahmaputra River occupies the major valley between the dust clouds (arrows). Clouds (lower left) and smoke haze (upper left corner) appear over lower-lying valleys of Nepal which lead down to the Ganges plain. (NASA photograph NM22-759-329, center point 29°N 86°E, Hasselblad camera, 100 mm lens, altitude 376 km.)