Dynamic Earth

Remote Sensing Observations from Shuttle-Mir Missions

edited by

Kamlesh P. Lulla

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
Office of Earth Sciences
Houston, Texas USA


Lev V. Dessinov

Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Geography
Laboratory of Remote Sensing
Moscow, Russia


Cynthia A. Evans,
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Patricia W. Dickerson,
New York * Chichester * Weinheim * Brisbane * Singapore * Toronto
Julie A. Robinson
2000 ISBN 0-471-39005-4
NASA Press Release

Lockheed Martin Space Operations
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
Office of Earth Sciences
Houston, Texas USA


         F. Culbertson and V. V. Ryumin
         K. P. Lulla and L. V. Desinov

Links to Color Images

Shuttle-Mir Earth Science Investigations: Studying Dynamic Earth Environments from the Mir Space Station
C. A. Evans, K. P. Lulla, L. V. Dessinov, N. F. Glazovskiy, N. S. Kasimov and Yu. F. Knizhnikov
Russian Visual Observations of Earth: Historical Perspective
N. F. Glazovskiy and L. V. Dessinov
Twenty-Eight Years of Urban Growth in North America Quantified by Analysis of Photographs from Apollo, Skylab, and Shuttle-Mir
J. A. Robinson, B. McRay and K. P. Lulla
Fluctuating Water Levels as Indicators of Global Change: Examples from Around the World
C. A. Evans, J. Caruana, D. L. Amsbury, and K. P. Lulla
The 1997-1998 El Niņo: Images of Floods and Drought
C. A. Evans, J. A. Robinson, M. J. Wilkinson, S. Runco, P. W. Dickerson, D. L. Amsbury and K. P. Lulla
Imaging Aerosols from Low Earth Orbit: Photographic Results from the Shuttle-Mir and Shuttle Programs
M. J. Wilkinson, J. D. Wheeler, R. J. Charlson, and K. P. Lulla
Biomass Burning and Smoke Palls with Observations from Space Shuttle and Shuttle-Mir Missions
M. J. Wilkinson, K. P. Lulla, and M. Glasser
Windows of Opportunity: Photo Survey of the Mir Earth Observation Windows
P. Saganti and K.P. Lulla

Caspian Sea

Geographical, Geological and Ecological Effects of Caspian Sea-Level Fluctuations: Introduction
N. F. Glazovskiy and V. A. Rudakov
A Caspian Chronicle: Sea-Level Fluctuations between 1982 and 1997
P. W. Dickerson
Morphological and Geological Structure of the Northern Coast of the Caspian Sea
L. B. Aristarkhova, A. A. Svitoch and O. N. Bratanova
Shoreline Dynamics and the Hydrographic System of the Volga Delta
N. I. Alekseevskiy, D. N. Aibulatov and S. V. Chistov
Changes in Avian Habitats in Volga Delta Wetlands during Caspian Sea-Level Fluctuations
E. A. Baldina, I. A. Labutina, G. M. Rusanov, A. K. Gorbunov, A. F. Zhivoglyad and J. de Leeuw
Changes in Coastal Vegetation in the Northern Caspian Region during Sea-Level Rise
V. I. Kravtsova and E. G. Myalo
Dynamics of the Northeastern Caspian Sea Coastal Zone in Connection with Sea-Level Rise
V. I. Kravtsova
Evolution of the Gulf of Kara-Bogaz-Gol in the Last Century
A. N. Varushchenko, S. A. Lukyanova, G. D. Solovyeva, A.N. Kosarev and A. V. Kurayev
Eddy Formation in the Caspian Sea
L. M. Shipilova
Geomorphology of Southern Azerbaijan and Coastal Responses to the Caspian Trangression
E. I. Ignatov and G. D. Solovieva
Land-use Changes in the Northwest Caspian Coastal Area, 1978-1996: Case Study of the Republic of Kalmykia
A. S. Shestakov

Dynamic Earth Environments Curator:
Marco Lozano