STS-088 Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Photographic Highlights

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photo ID STS088-706-20
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Lake Nahuel Huapi, Southern Andes Mountains, Argentina: The top half of the view shows the ridge crests and valleys of the southern Andes Mountains. This part of the view appears dark due to shadow in the valleys. The summits appear as angular, light-colored treeless ridges, with a patch of white snow top left. Curved Lake Nahuel Huapi is the dark finger top center. This lake depression was eroded by glacier ice moving east (from the mountains at the top of the view towards the Patagonian plains bottom) during the geologically recent ice ages when the Andes were covered with snow and ice caps far larger than those of today. The small gray city on the left (south) side edge of the lake (left center) is the well-known resort of San Carlos de Bariloche. The Rio Limay appears bottom right, and flows off the southern Andes Mts., through the arid lands of Patagonia to the Atlantic Ocean.

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