STS-085 Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Photographic Highlights

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photo ID STS085-503-61
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Kazakhstan, central Asia: Lakes Balkhash and Alakol', southern uplands of Kazakhstan, central Asia. The long (600 km) arc of Lake Balkhash occupies the center of this clear WNW view of the southern Kazakh Uplands, Kazakhstan and westernmost Dzungarian Basin in the autonomous region of Xinjiang Uygur, China. The capitol city of Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan is out of sight behind the boom. The Dzungarian Gate is the straight, fault-bounded valley dropped down within t he Dzhungarskiy Alatau Range; lowest elevation on the valley floor is about 1,500 ft, whereas peaks of the range reach 15,000 ft on the west and about 10,000 ft on the east of the valley. Lake Ebinur is the bright area beneath the dust plume (left center); north winds funneled through the Dzungarian Gate have picked up sediment from dry lakebeds at the north end. The Ili River flows westward, parallel to the Dzhungarskiy Alatau Range, through Kapchagay Lake (partially visible beneath boom), then northwest across the delta plain and into Lake Balkhash. The Karatal River heads in the Dzhungarskiy Alatau mountains and flows north into Balkhash.

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