Space Shuttle Mission Report Series: Earth Observations during STS-066
November 3 - 14, 1994

     DINARIC ALPS (STS066-89-014). The Adriatic coast of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia is centered at approximately 44.5 degrees north and 15.0 degrees east. North is at the bottom of the picture. The town of Bihac is located under the cloud layer in the center left of the frame. The terrain is composed of limestone and geomorphic term "karst" is named after a city in the area. The Velebit Mountains form the rugged coast in the center of the frame. See figure 13.

Figure 13     Figure 13: Dinaric Alps, Bosnia-Herzegovina

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     STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR (STS066-98-078). Swift currents flow through the Strait of Gibraltar, producing complicated patterns in the surface waters. Some of those patterns are highlighted in the sunglint in this photograph (fig. 14). The Mediterranean Sea is on the upper right, the Atlantic Ocean is in the lower left. Few features can be seen on the Mediterranean side, but current shears (straight lines coming off Spain), several sets of internal waves (impinging on the Spanish continental shelf) and ship wakes can be seen on the Atlantic side, west of Cadiz. Both Tangier and Cadiz show up in the sunglint as well.

Figure 14     Figure 14: Strait of Gibraltar

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     Astronaut photography from the U.S. Space Shuttle provides unique remotely-sensed data for geologic and environmental applications because of the combination of varying perspectives, look angles, and illumination, and changing resolution resulting from different lenses and altitudes. The comprehensive, regional views provided by these variables allow for new insights into global geologic processes andenvironmental changes.

Lulla, K.; M. Helfert; C. Evans; M. Wilkinson; D. Pitts; D. Amsbury. 1993. Global Geologic Applications of the Space Shuttle Earth Observations Photography Database. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 59:1227-1232.

Lulla, K.; M. Helfert; and D. Holland. 1994. The NASA Space Shuttle Earth Observations Database for Global Change Science. In Remote Sensing and Climate Change, ed. Vaughan and Cracknell. NATO ASI Series 124:355-365.

1)  The print-published version of this report originally appeared as Earth Observations During Space Shuttle Mission STS-66: Atlantis' Mission to Planet Earth in Geocarto International, Vol. 10, No. 4, pp. 91-104. We thank the publisher for use of some of the published material for this internet edition.

2)  NASA Form 548, dated 11/27/95, is on file at the Office of Earth Sciences.

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