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This is an animation showing a few cities photographs and their photo IDs. The caption is "Imagine seeing your city through an astronaut's eyes."
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Welcome to the Cities Collection of images. This collection hosts the best views of cities around the globe as photographed by astronauts while in orbit.

There are three ways to search through the collection of cities images. The Map Search method is an interactive graphical representation of the globe that contains dots which represent the cities to further narrow the search. The Form Search method allows for a search queried by the country, and then the cities within that country. The Registered Cities List is a complete list of the images of cities that are registered, or geometrically corrected, and tweaked to match a map of the cities with even scale.

This collection is based on the complete collection of astronaut photography hosted at the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth.

Special Feature: Cities At Night, The View From Space - A Video Tour